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Anniversary Reflection - 28 Years October 17th

Last night was a simple date night, or so I thought. As we were talking we were sharing how its been 31+ years since our first date. Listen, do not take for granted all the moments in your marriage. It is those times, good or bad, that build you up for your present. This night, I didn't think about the fights we had. I didn't think about the financial hurdles we overcame. I didn't think about the unnecessary interruptions that we allowed. I didn't think about what others felt about us. I didn't even think about the 4 blessings that God allowed us to parent. I was thanking God that this dude is still the one. This dude is still fine. This dude is still spending his days working to give me my desires. This dude still gets excited about us and so do I!

This Saturday will be 28 years of marriage. No big plans this year because so much is going on but then again, the best plan was set by the heavenly Father, October 17th,1992. He knew we would be here...

Still kicking.

Still loving.

Still grateful.

God, we thank you


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