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Stronger Together! ~Seems like it'd be obvious that couples work together for the greater good of the marriage.

Well, sometimes, because of individual abilities and accomplishments it can be challenging to remember that there is a common goal.

There is a saying. "All money ain't good money." It implies that just because opportunity is available it doesn't mean it's a good opportunity for you. 》》》I Cor 6:12 "Everything is permissable for me, but not all things are beneficial."

It's is vital to consider how our moves will effect our marriage/family. Disregard can open the door to •Jealously •Neglect •Resentment •Sabotage •Entitlement

Success is not an enemy of marriage, however, without humility and submission to the vision, it will not be fully appreciated.

Power Couples understand that they are better together no matter what the contribution is. It's not about being selfish, it's about being selfless. The nature of the intention and motivation is crucial to the impact. Done right, you will not lose yourself but you will definitely gain the best ally ever.


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