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Meeting The Need...

My husband wanted breakfast this morning, however, he had to go in to work super early. So we're up a little after 5. I pray with my prayer partner @5:30. I really believe that because of my intention to bless my husband and stay true to my commitment for prayer God stretched the time so I could do both. I quickly made breakfast, left it for him on the counter, then met my prayer time. I say all this to say that God will always prepare the way for you to have your time with Him and still take care of your spouse. We should not be using time with God as an excuse not to do for each other nor should we use our responsibilities to our partner as an excuse not to spend time with God. This principle keeps us from unnecessary arguments and resentment. God knows what's own our plate as He’s the one who prepared the meal. When we honor God and honor what He has given us stewardship over the reward is endless. Acknowledge you need God and acknowledge your spouse's needs.

•Note: Nathan doesn't ask for breakfast every morning so when I can, I do. I appreciated this note because it said to me that he respected my commitment to prayer and wasn't expecting me to see him off this time as I often do. He also realized that his desire was important to me as well.


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