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women empowerment


I am a girls' girl.  I love my female connections.  I cringe when I hear another woman say, "I don't do females!" Huh?  I'm like, "Why?" "You a female!" Could it be that there is a growth spurt that needs to happen?  Grown girls understand that each woman is valuable even with their flaws.  We delight in celebrating each other's strengths and helping each other through our weaknesses.  We don't joy in the divisive corner conversations in a crowded room.  We appreciate the perspective of our sisters even if we don't always agree.  We take joy in a good party, an impromptu happy hour, a Marco Polo conversation, an empowerment experience or just quick dash to the local shopping spot.  Grown Girls know their tribe. We stay connected.  We understand that it's not about the quantity of times we get together but the quality of our get together.  

Grown Girls Give Life!



The women in your family can either build you up or tear you down.  It is so essential that we teach, celebrate, correct and support the women of our family.  Charity begins at home.  We don't always have to agree but grown girls understand that what we pour into each other matters.  Older teacher the younger.  Younger bringer the older along for the ride.  Family is a blessing and it's enhanced more when you enjoy each other's company.  The girls in our world are priceless!



One of the most powerful connections any girl could have.  Having a friendship that shapes into a sisterhood is not to be taken for granted.  There is vulnerability, support, and accessibility that is not available to everyone.  These relationships are trustworthy and pressure free.  The unspoken eye contact, the insider giggles, the eyeroll that lets them know you need them to say a prayer so you don't pop off.  This HERE.

 Bonded but not blood.  



We all need women around us who can call us on our stuff but they will also lift us up from our stuff.  These women will remind you of your purpose, keep your grounded and love what you love.  That's important because you need people in your corner who will stand for you when you can't stand for yourself.   



The best way to push a thing forward is having women around you who wants to see you win.  They help you to think outside of the box and execute where you say you want to go.  They speak to your strengths and help you in your areas of weakness.  The goal is success.  The goal is support.  The goal is to accomplish that which you've set out to do.  They are no holds barred with their gifts and talents.  It's a privilege to be with beautiful souls who care just as much as you do about a mission. 



When the girls get together for pure recreation and relaxation it's a treat.  So often, we are taking care of so many things.  It's refreshing to just get out, with no other responsibility but to enjoy yourself.  The key is having the right ladies with you.  No negative energy.  No judgement.  No envy.  Just kick back, relax, and do what you do when its time to do.  CHILL!

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