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Not Easily Broken

"Not Easily Broken" There is so much value and victory in unity. As we live our lives as husband and wife, let us remember that the key to our success is unity. ▪︎We are a team and our coach is the Holy Spirit who comforts, leads and guide us. ▪︎The general manager, Jesus Christ, has recruited us through his love and his blood and stands in the gap for us. ▪︎Our owner is God and his care and purpose for us is our portion. Even when we are faced with adversity we have the advantage because we have our faith. The three strand cord is weaved with us and our Lord and WHO/WHAT can stand against the Lord? No one or no thing! He is a great and terrible God. I profess that we can remain in tact as long as we want to. Be Unified. Be Resilient. Be Whole. #25ToLife


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