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Marriage Myths That Make You Miss

So often we compare ourselves with the next person. It is our human need to feel accepted or included that creates an ongoing question, "Am I good enough?" We also wonder, "Am I doing this right?" Of course, this is not the daily stance of most living beings, however, in times of frustration and confusion and even difficult decisions, we become open to these questions when our confidence and assurance is challenged.

I submit that even in our marriages we are lining up our experiences with what we thought we knew marriage would be. Once we are disappointed, we feel as though we have failed and the option of aborting the entire relationship swims around our psyche. In every relationship there is a expectation of how things will be and then there is reality. This is not necessarily a bad thing unless you are stuck in your imagination and can not fathom that there could be alterations to this expectation.

I want to take us on a journey of exploring the myths of marriage. It is my belief that once there is a realization and acceptance that things may not go as we hoped or planned we will find a peace about our union that will super cede all the misconceptions about what a fulfilled marriage can be.

My hope is to remind couples of the possibility of creating their own normal within the confines of godly principles and experiencing the blessing and fullness of a vibrant and rewarding marriage.

Each week we will destroy a myth that is destroying the hope in marriages.

Check us out each Monday for "Myths That Miss."


  • My spouse should make me happy

  • You should never argue

  • Submission is old-fashioned


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