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Dive into the journey of Shelon Wade as she shares what she has gathered from her first 25 years of marriage to her husband, Nathan Wade. You will appreciate the window into a marriage with joys, triumphs, errors and disappointments.  See how their faith in God has been their mainstay which keeps their marriage strong, honest and purposed.

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"My reason for this book is for connection and transparency with couples recognizing that healing and empowerment happens when we are touchable and honest.  It is my desire to see marriages succeed not for the sake of what people see and say but for what you can truly experience through a true and dedicated relationship with your spouse."

Purposed, Not Perfect

Shelon M.Wade

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"I finally I got through the book PURPOSED not perfect. Started at 10:30 when I looked at the clock it was 2:48am. The time was worth it all. The book was very well put together. 

Congratulations...on a job well done.

Oh! now I know what 25TOLIFE mean now."

"One of the things I really appreciate is that it is balanced and focuses on the needs and actions of both spouses and not just wifely duties, but how to sincerely exist in life together. It gives direction for both spouses and accountability for both spouses."


"I read your book and found it really exceptional. I felt so many things and realized I can be doing a lot better. Sometimes I take things to strongly and have to learn to regroup and speak softer. Thank you for the insight. I feel like I can do this again, love you. It was very inspiring."



"Just wanted to say words can't explain how proud I am of you thanks for sharing this part of your life with us."


"My husband and I read your book today after Sunday brunch and we loved it! Thank you for sharing your story and some great biblical principles and scriptures.  You are truly a woman of God who walks and lives by His word and lets him strengthen and give you wisdom and guidance for you and your family."


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