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H.U.S.B.A.N.D. <------

Study some keys to understanding your wife, keeping her secure in your relationship, creating a sense of teamwork, and nurturing  her needs. In an easy to understand acrostic, Dr. Stieglitz, author of Becoming A Godly Husband, lays a foundation for husbands.

H-Honor, which a woman must receive to stay emotionally connected in marriage. U-Understanding, which is essential if a man is to understand the unique temperament, gifts and abilities of his wife. S-Security, which is the key to a woman’s spiritual connection to her husband. B-Building Unity, which is the constant job of the man so that the pressures of life do not destroy the marriage. A-Agreement, which is a system a man must establish and manage so that both husband and wife can enthusiastically support the decisions that are made. N-Nurture, which means that a man must provide all that his wife needs to blossom as a person, mother, worker, friend, and wife. D-Defender, which is what the man must clearly become or his marriage, family, and life will be left unprotected and often destroyed.


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