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New month!  New opportunities!  New moments!  New expectations!

Thank you for stopping by our site.  We are working prayerfully to update and provide you with encouraging and empowering content.  25ToLife Ministries is an effort birthed through the inspiration of God, with the foundation that there is no limit to abundant living in the lives of Christian families. Understanding that with the ups, comes the downs and with the wins, losses will happen, we are yet eager to see how God will allow this month to unfold for all who have their expectation in God. 

With July, comes family reunions, weddings, cookouts, music in the parks, vacations and rest.  Even when enjoying all that comes with the summer months, we must yet be mindful that there is still a responsibility to stay focused on our non-negotiables, which are our God, ourselves and our family. 


This platform is an opportunity to be enriched through meditations, living examples and powerful content, knowing that God wants you to live a victorious life that is ongoing and not restricted to a certain season of your existence. 


Utilizing the principles in the bible, it is our desire to uplift the family.  Whether in joys, disappointments, tragedies or triumphs, we aim to provide enrichment, encouragement and empowerment. 

John 10:10 says...

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

With this word, we hang our whole mission.

Our goal is to present hope, healing and health through blogs, books, and eventually workshops.

God wants us to live abundantly in every area.  It is our responsibility to maintain our faith, our focus and our fight for the success of our families.  When we believe what the word of God says about us, we can overcome the snares and plans of the evil one.

May you find something here that will lift your spirits and inspire you on your journey of life.

Let's grow together!

Purposed Not 


Purposed, Not Perfect!

December 2019, we released a book about marriage. We wrote this with the hopes that those who are sharing in the marital union would be encouraged, empowered and enlightened by our story and transparency.  

In this presentation, we share the highs, the lows, the joys and the interruptions and of course, the victory.

The goal of 25ToLife is not to imply a perfect marriage or perfect family, but it is to imply that your union is Purposed and the journey does not stop until death do you part. May you embrace the experiences, tools and devotions shared through divine inspiration.  

The goal of the "Lifer" is to live abundantly and that includes within your marriage!

book cover - kindle.jpg


See the link below where you will find the ability to download the book on your device.  We thank God for always providing ways to keep us enriched.  


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The perspective of a wife is necessary. No topic is off limits. There is laughter, tears, inspiration & encouragement. This is a judgment free zone. 
I invite you to join the Wifersations! 

Marriage Empowerment

Happy Summer 

"The Journey Is Rewarding When You Stay On The Path God Set For You."
Shelon M. Wade

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